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  Before making a reservation, it may be useful to check prices, surcharges and/or request a price quote.
  Reservation may be placed via e-mail*, phone or fax. We prefer plain text e-mail* option as most efficient and reliable way of communication. It helps to avoid phone misunderstandings, especially when it comes to pick-up time 5am vs. 5pm. 
  For first time clients, we will need a valid credit card to hold the reservation (we don't recommend to send credit card info via e-mail). When job is done, passenger may pay by another credit card or cash.
  Cancellation Policy: at least 24 hours prior to pick-up time, otherwise full price is charged.
  Cancellation Policy for holidays and special events may vary from
24 hours to 7 days, you will be informed by dispatcher.
  If you would like to pay for your client/visitor/employee, please fill up and fax us credit card authorization form with enlarged and lightened copies of FRONT and BACK of the credit card and cardholder’s driver license. If fax is not available you can e-mail
* us scanned images.
  To provide you with the best service, it's recommended to make a reservation at least
24 hours prior to pick-up time.

  When you call us first time, we will need to open an account. Dispatcher will ask you for addresses, phone numbers, credit card info etc.
Account types:

  - Charge account - each time you use our service, driver will ask for your credit card. Each time you will get a receipt. We will charge actual provided credit card, regardless of account credit card.

  - Credit card on file - no paperwork in the car. You may book a car for anyone you need.
Credit card authorization form is required. Bi-weekly or monthly receipts will be provided upon request.


  - Billing account - no paperwork in the car. You may book a car for anyone you need. We will send a paper bill on bi-weekly basis and expect to get your check within two weeks. Minimum gross: $2000.00 per month - sorry, we can't maintain billing accounts for lesser amount. 


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